People feel less stressful at work than at home.

Ha, this is interesting. Conventionally we believe that people feel more comfortable and less stressful at home than at the work place. However, according to a recent research finding from Penn State University, participants report a lower level of stress (measured by the level of cortisol, a hormone released in responses to stress) when they are at office than at home, and this finding is consistent across their gender and marital status.

Possible explanations include: people feel valued at work (i.e., get paid or draw attentions from others); it is easier to say no toward colleagues than family; employees can temporally escape from their stress sources in office (i.e., go to buy a cup of coffee) but they cannot do so at home, especially for parents.

The research finding also shows that employees who earn more than $75,000 a year report the same stress level at work as at home. These people with high income are always stressful anyway.

The study only aims at the employees with regular working hours (from 6am to 7pm). I was wondering the research finding is significant only for those who work about or less than 8 hours a day. In many Asian countries (i.e, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan), it is very common to have long working hours(, and the workplace is FOR SURE the major source of stress for employees. I guess it is not surprising to find that employees in Taiwan, for instance, to have a lower stress level at home than at work, as they usually spend more than 10 hours per day at their offices (and the working efficiency and outcomes are not superior).

Apparently, we have different opinions about work-life balance?




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