My Teaching

University of South Australia (2015 ~ present; internal & external/online)

Satisfactory rate = % of students who strongly agree or agree that they were satisfied with the teaching effectiveness.  The average satisfactory rate at the School of Management is 76%

BUSS 5397 Research for Business Decision Making (RBDM)

[Course Outline_BUSS 5397]

  • Course description: Through the teaching and learning arrangements in this course, we aim to install a problem-solving and critical thinking approach within students. To this end, the course material focuses on developing your knowledge and understanding of how, when, where and why of using appropriate research approaches and research results to intelligently inform business decision making.
  • Satisfactory rate: 87%

BUSS 2043 Foundations of Human Resource Management (FHRM)

[Course Outline_BUSS 2043]

  • Course description: This course has been designed to assist you to develop (i) foundation knowledge across the scope of Human Resource Management (HRM), (ii) an understanding of the context in which HRM practice occurs, (iii) skills in Human Resource (HR) problem solving, and (iv) comprehension, analytical and reflective skills.
  • Satisfactory rate: 93%
  • Course Developer for UniSAonline FHRM course

BUSS 3050 Organisational Leadership (OL)

[Course Outline_BUSS 3050]

  • Course description: This course explores the interesting and relevant area of the development of leaders, whether they are group and team leaders or leaders at higher levels within an organisation. Through your study you are provided with an opportunity to develop an understanding of a variety of learning, development and leadership theories in a contemporary context. Importantly, you will also be invited to reflect on your own leadership experiences, aspirations and theorising. You are encouraged throughout the semester to share these insights with your colleagues.
  • Satisfactory rate: 95%
  • Course Developer for UniSAonline OL course

University at Buffalo (Fall 2011 ~ Spring 2015)

MGI 301 Human Resource Management

[Sample Syllabus_MGI301]

  • Course description: 3-credit undergraduate course of human resource principles and theory. The chosen topics include legal issues, recruitment & selection, managing diversity, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, labor relations, safety & health, motivation, HR planning & decisions, and organizational politics.
  • Average teaching rating: 4.30/5.00 (School average = 3.80/5.00)

MGB 301 Organizational Behavior

[Sample Syllabus_MBG301]

  • Course description: 3-credit undergraduate course of organizational behavior theories. The chosen topics include personality, perceptions & attitudes, motivation, leadership, communication, teams, social influence, organizational design, and organizational culture.
  • Average teaching rating: 4.20/5.00 (School average = 3.80/5.00)

Selected Student Comments:

“Great guy, really knew what he was talking about and was very helpful within the tutorials. Lectures were also very informative and relevant. “

“I love his teaching style; he teaches his students through the three learning strategies that includes visual,auditory and kinesthetic. he shows us lots of examples on the board, and he ask us questions to make ensure that we understands what he is teaching us.”

“Very knowledgeable about the topic as well as being engaging and interesting. Very active in helping students to complete their surveys and data analysis for example, by offering feedback and making sure that students were correctly completing these tasks”

“He knows how to make students to concentrate within effective ways. I enjoyed this class and he always helpful and make sure students are understanding the materials.”

 “I really enjoy this class overall. Everything from the pop culture examples to the discussion board. Participation points were nice because they were in class activities. I’m shy so that helped out a lot. Thank you for such a great course!”

 “Chad was a very good professor. He used great video examples that we could relate to, to help us understand the materials.”

 “Chad designed his lecture tactfully by linking his discussion and anything he used such as a video to directly reinforce the topics in the book. He was a dynamic instructor and took the time to make sure everyone was on the same page.”

 “What more could anyone ask from him? I felt that he did substantially better than many of the other instructors I’ve had at UB, despite the fact that he is still building up his experience. I would say to keep doing whatever he is doing and attempt to build further on his video examples. They are useful and seem to strike a cord with other classmates if they have difficulty understanding something.”

 “He is one of the best professors I ever had. He always tries to make the class more interesting and fun. He shows the video clips that are related to the materials. This really helps a lot. He also tries to give a lot of feedback to students”

 “He did a great job for his first time teaching! I was nervous at the beginning of the semester however he has definitely been one of the best professors I have had in the SOM. I actually looked forward to coming to class every day because I know he cared about the material and he cared that we actually learned it.“

 “I think that helped the most in the class was the video that Chad chose to show. He related the material to something that we could understand. It was also entertaining and a way to see how all the things he was teaching actually happen in the real world”

 “He took a dry, boring course and made it interesting and enjoyable. Best professor I have ever had. You can let him know I said so, [Student’s Name]”

“He loves his job and he knows a lot about OB and HRM! As an HRM student he really made me excited to learn and understand the importance of OB theories and skills to have for the future. Chiu is really good at presenting information and theories. I like how he gives lecture and then we discuss the theories and we are tested on them.”

 “Very effective. Chad was always able to discuss and explain the various topics in a way that made it easy to understand. In fact, the way he so effortlessly made things make sense almost made all the knowledge common sense, even though they were detailed topics!”

“he gave a lot of opportunity to review the chapter and follow the lecture. He does survey at the middle of the semester, gives us to do peer evaluation, and watching short video helps a lot to understand about the material I am learning. Overall he is my best professor ever.”

“Professor Chiu was an extremely effective instructor, his passion for and knowledge of the topics in class really showed in his teaching. The class was well organized and thought out. I felt that he was very fair with the class work load and grading. Overall A+ professor.”

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